Eternal Winter

genre: Action, Adventure, Early Access release: 24. November 2014.
Single Player Survival Mode (Alpha)
You are on your own on a hostile winter environment. You must adapt to the severe conditions, face very low temperatures, avoid becoming animal food and search for supplies. A new glacial period has begun, how long will you survive?

Currently the only goal is to survive. To do this you will have to take care of your hunger, thirst, blood and fatigue levels. This will be a hard task to undertake in such a hostile environment. The lower the temperature the more calories you spend, getting attacked by a wolf can make you bleed to death unless you use a bandage, moving to a new location can mean dying in the middle of nowhere if you do not carefully calculate the supplies you need for the trip. These are just a few of the situations you will have to deal with in order to survive in Eternal Winter.

This is a perma-death game, once you die you have to start over and your save file is deleted.


-Huge map filled with interesting locations to explore and safe houses to loot.
-No loading screens from exterior to interiors
-Well balanced survival mechanics inspired by the real needs of the human body. These include:
-Blood loss
-A day/night cycle that affects the temperature and other factors in the world.
-A diverse wildlife to hunt or run from: Bears, wolves, boars, rabbits, foxes.
-Dog sled to make moving around the extensive map easier.
-A simple yet effective looting system.
-A fully functional saving system.

My main focus on this state of the game is to work and refine the basic survival mechanics. To add and test different gameplay ideas I have. And obviously to fix anything that needs to be fixed (bugs, glitches, balance issues).

Co-op survival (BETA ...coming in 6 months)
Survive along your friends! (4 players max) These are the two basic rules of this game-mode:
-You can not kill each other.
-When one of the players dies its game over for the whole party.
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