Friendship Club

genre: Action, Indie, Early Access release: 24. March 2015.

Friendship Club is a local-multiplayer bullet-hell arena shooter for PC, Mac & Linux.

Fire bullets that bounce forever. Catch bullets with supreme agility. Headbutt your opponents into oblivion. Be the best friend ever for little Timmy!

Play as one of Timmy's four best (and imaginary) friends. Chud - a beast from the mountains. Old Man Ricketts - a prospector driven mad by his lust for gold. Shakey Jake - a ninja, bandit, skeleton... thing. The Canardinal - a duck from the Vatican!

2 - 4 Player Local Multiplayer

Get your friends together in the same room for the ultimate showdown!

A Multitude of Game Modes

Classic, Headbutt, Standoff, Bullet Hell, Turbo Bullets, Assassins, Trick Shot and more to come! In addition, create your very own game modes using the in game dream creator (under-development).

Procedural Level Generation

Each environment has its own set of procedural content rules, as well as its own gameplay elements built into it. With more extreme examples to come, there will be chances to destroy your friends in a host of different locations.

Adjustable Game Speed

Play super slow-mo, HYPER_SPEED, and everything in between. Do you want to play it slow and strategic or have a blind-panic twitch-fest?!

Transparent Development

Builds with new features released every few weeks -- watch the game come together as we're developing it! Engage with us and give us your feedback.
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