Jaques Roque

genre: Casual, Indie, Adventure release: 1. April 2015.
Solve difficult mysteries and collect tons of treasures in more than 100 challenging levels. You assist Jaques Roque in becoming a rich archeology superstar by solving simple to tricky mysteries.


• 100 levels
• 5 unique worlds
• treasures, gold and jewels in antique temples and castle ruins
• 15 unique artefacts
• very easy to operate
• fun for the whole family
• low system requirements

Intuitive Simple Navigation

Immediate start with an extremely simple mouse navigation which is solely based on the left mouse button.

Hidden Treasures

Tons of gold and jewels as well as 15 unique artefacts which are shown on the start screen when having been collected. In addition there also is the obligatory high score screen of all players.

Simply self-explanatory

You insert your name and off you go! Each progress is saved automatically in your profile. Each level can be replayed via the quickgame-mode and saved with the higher scores.
The mysteries as well as the navigation are explained ingame via a small help window.


Tremendous music and background noises push the player deep into the adventure. Particle effects, soft animations, changing weather and lots more help make this special atmosphere.
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