Outpost 13

genre: N/A release: 27. October 2015.

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Outpost 13 Details:

Outpost 13 is a point-and-click action-adventure strategy game that takes place at an outpost on the planet Achelous IV. You, the player, plays as a dog named "Fen" who comes into contact with an alien biological agent that bonds the dog/player with an alien life form who calls himself "Tantalus." The player's objective is to leave Achelous and make it to the nearest spaceport by inducing enough fear into the stationed crew members that they abandon their 5 year long mission on Achelous and leave early.

You're the Monster: Player's will take on the role of an alien monster strategically killing off crew members while maintaining their cover as "Fen" the crew's pet dog.

Stealth, Strategy, and a Fiery Death: Player's will need to form a strategy to separate and alienate crew members by creating distractions, utilizing the ventilation system, and temporarily knocking out the outpost's power. If player's are unable to maintain their cover and stealth, or is discovered as the monster, the crew will respond with flamethrower's and you will be destroyed by fire.

Character Progression: As player's make progress via objective progression and killing crew members, new abilities and ability improvements for Fen & Tantalus will be unlocked. Some ability improvements include better sabotaging skills, poisoning medical supplies, and creating better distractions.

Alien Planet Setting: Outpost 13 takes place on Achelous IV, a life viable planet several times larger than earth. Winters and summers last several years each, and it is currently 13 earth months into winter on Achelous.

Release Date Information: Outpost 13 is is releasing in Summer 2015. Steam does not offer the option to display "Releasing: Summer 2015", as such, 09/22/2015 is the last day of summer, a.k.a. the last day before the Autumn Equinox. Please not that while 09/22/2015 is listed, Outpost 13 is expected to release much sooner.
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